Pre-Return Lease Cars

At the end of your vehicles lease period, when the vehicle is returned to the leasing company, the condition of the vehicle is inspected for any damage. Leasing companies follow strict guidelines on what is acceptable and what is unacceptable damage. Our experience in the cosmetic repair business can assist you in ensuring that you will not receive expensive repair bills from the leasing company. When your vehicle was supplied you should have been issued with guidelines as to what is and what is not acceptable (fair wear and tear).

Below is a guide to what is and what is not acceptable:

Vehicle Body Paintwork


  • Light scratches and scuffs up to 100mm which may be removed by mechanical polishing provided the base coat has not been penetrated or any rust has developed.
  • Up to two small dings per panel is accepted.
  • Any dent, ding no greater than 20mm in diameter is acceptable, provided the paintwork has not been penetrated to the base coat.


  • Any dent greater than 20mm.
  • Dents or dings with corrosion developing.
  • Scratches, scraps or scuffs, which are over a 100mm in length and have penetrated the paint and cannot be removed through mechanical polishing.
  • More than two dings per panel.
  • Front Grills/Bumpers/Door Mirrors

The same rules apply as with the Vehicle Body Paintwork above. The most common problem is scuffed bumpers/door mirrors which we can repair inexpensively, whereas the body shop can be very expensive.

Alloy Wheels

  • Only light scuffing is acceptable and in the case of alloy wheels, kerbing, small chips are not acceptable. The leasing companies, in some instances, will look to charge you for a new alloy. We can refurbish an alloy from as little at £60.00+VAT.

We hope you find this guide useful but if you require any further assistance please contact us.

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