Same Day Express Service

This service which we brand “Express” is, we believe the first in the Edinburgh area, if not further afield.

“Express” is where the bodyshop meets the mobile smart repairer. We recognise the problems and hassle that can occur when you are left without your car for a number of days so “Express” fills that gap.

The difference between the mobile repairer and “Express” is we are using the same materials that any quality bodyshop uses rather than the quick drying materials that the mobile repairer has to use. Whilst it is obviously convenient to have your vehicle repaired at home or at the workplace there is no substitute for a spray/bake booth. The completed work will have a lustre and shine that we doubt any mobile repairer could match, and, because we are in a self contained spraying area we are looking after the environment better.
“Surely this service will be more expensive?” is a question asked of us frequently. No is the answer, “Express” will cost you no more than our standard service.


9.00 am Potential customer arrives on site for an estimate to a damaged rear bumper on a new “5” series BMW. He had been hit by the 3rd party on his journey home from work the previous night.
10.30 am Customer receives permission from the 3rd party to proceed.
11.00 am The car arrives at the garage for repair.
11.15 am Repair commences.
01.30 pm The customer is called to inform them that the car will be ready for 3.30 pm.
03.00 pm Car repair completed and goes to the wash bay.
04.00 pm Customer collects his repaired car.
There is NO extra charge for this service.

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